Checklists for IELTS writing Task 1

Checklist for IELTS Writing Task 1

Hello everyone,

William Cork IELTS here with the latest podcast on IELTS Writing Task 1. In the first podcast, I discuss Task Achievement and in the following one I’m going to discuss the other assessment criteria.



While you’re listening, you might find it helpful to look at the checklist below which shows the items that must be included if your response is to be better than band 6.

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IELTS Speaking Sample & Feedback: Mohmad -Describe a member of your family

Hello everyone,

Here is a sample part 2 speech, followed by a suggested band score and an action plan which can help the student improve. Please note that for the assessment the IELTS public criteria have been used so the score might differ slightly from an official assessment. You can find them here.

Here is a sample speaking task performed by Mohmad. It’s on a common style of part 2 topic, namely describing people. In this particular one, he describes a member of his family. Enjoy….

Describe someone in your family. You should say:

                Who he/she is


                What he/she looks like

                What kind of personality does he/she have

and say what kinds of things you do together.

Mohmad Scorecard
Mohmad Scorecard

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IELTS Speaking: Planning for Part 2 (The Long Turn)


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This one is all about how to plan effectively for the 2 minute talk in the speaking test. We will be doing a series of podcasts on various aspects of the IELTS test over the next few weeks. Sorry about the audio quality of this one- we will try to improve it as we post more.

If the podcast doesn’t play, please click on this link to access the file.


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