Useful language for IELTS: Writing Task 1

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This post, published originally by Marek Kiczkowiak, looks at language that is very useful for describing how something falls or rises, a very common feature of almost all types of IELTS Writing Task 1. As can be seen below, in order to get Band 6 (which is what a lot of students are aiming for), the student needs to at least ATTEMPT to use less common vocabulary.

lexical resource IELTS From IELTS Assessment criteria (Public version) available here. Underline mine.

Band 7 and up requires the student to use less common lexical items and to show an awareness of collocation. As a result, it is important to show students some synonyms of verbs and nouns such as ‘rise’ and ‘fall’, as well as the respective adverbs and adjectives which collocate with them.

Write two sentences on the board (IDEA: use a model you’ve recently analysed, or one of the tasks the…

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